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Aquarium Controllers - Apex and Dynamic DNS, Part 1

Apex Dynamic DNS

You’re probably asking yourself, “WTFudge is Dynamic DNS and why do I need it?” Let me explain it to you.

Dynamic DNS via Wikipedia

Dynamic DNS gives you the ability to have your own domain name, like, point to an IP address that dynamically changes. This is usually caused by your ISP updating DHCP to your modem, IP changes when you move your services, etc. It’s much easier then trying to remember your IP address when you need to access something remotely.

There are some really cool things you can do with it.  My favorite free service is With their free service, you are able to manage up-to 3 hosts aka 3 seperate devices/locations all under one account.

NoIP requires a small agent running on a PC to update the IP address of that location. Sign up for a free account and download the agent.

Once you have the agent installed and running you’ll sign in with your email address and password you registered with

When you account is activated and setup, you need to setup a host for the agent to update. This could be a PC at your house you want to access, the possibilities are almost endless.

You’ll want to setup a DNS HOST (A) record. This will point your domain name to the agent we just installed (Example: The page will auto-fill your current IP address, so be sure this is the location you want to access.

When the location is added you’ll see it in your profile.

Now, lets make sure our agent is updating the correct host. Open up the DUC program and select “Edit Hosts”. If you have more than 1 configured, here is where you can set each to be updated. Be sure to select the host you want updated and click “Save”. 


When everything is saved, you’ll see all green check marks. 


Thanks to a friendly reminder from Reef2Reef user ToXIc: No-IP does require you to verify your subscription once a month, so please be sure you check your email for the notice. A simple click of a URL and you’re good for another 30 days.

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