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Aquarium Controllers - Configuring Remote Access to your Apex Controller - Part 2

Apex Remote Access

In Part 1 I discussed configured a simple Dynamic DNS address with No-IP Now let’s get to Part 2. Putting your Dynamic DNS to good use and access your device remotely. I’m going to feature an Apex Controller by Neptune Systems. With this controller you can manage and monitor your aquarium away from home, even on your cell phone. The Apex Controller is the highest rated controller on the market. There are many competitors, but nothing that I’ve seen comes close to the Apex’s capabilities out of the box. I’m writing this all from memory and “borrowing” some friends controllers...

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Aquarium Controllers - Apex and Dynamic DNS, Part 1

Apex Dynamic DNS

You’re probably asking yourself, “WTFudge is Dynamic DNS and why do I need it?” Let me explain it to you. Dynamic DNS via Wikipedia Dynamic DNS gives you the ability to have your own domain name, like, point to an IP address that dynamically changes. This is usually caused by your ISP updating DHCP to your modem, IP changes when you move your services, etc. It’s much easier then trying to remember your IP address when you need to access something remotely. There are some really cool things you can do with it.  My favorite free service is

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