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Featured Coral - Diploastrea heliopora 

Featured Coral

Diploastrea heliopora 

A very uncommon LPS coral in the hobby is the Diploastrea heliopora, more commonly called the Hexagon Brain or Honeycomb Coral. Due to its very distinct growth patterns its easily appreciated by coral collectors and reef hobbyists on any level.

This coral is highly coveted for its very distinctive dome shaped corallites. The Diploastrea heliopora is the sole representative of its Genus! Hobbyists of any skill level can easily appreciate its organized appearance and encrusting growth pattern.  This specific species in the wild can build colonies up to 6ft tall and 16ft wide!

Care for the Purple Heart Diploastrea is relatively easy. Moderate lighting and medium flow make this an easy addition to any sized tank. We're successfully keeping these specimens in those types of conditions, with no signs of aggression to any surrounding corals. Spot feeding is not a necessity, but can be done using meaty foods like Rod's Food, powder based foods like Coral Frenzy, or even AlgaGen's Oyster Delight.

If you're looking for a very unique piece to add to your collection, check out the Purple Heart Diploastrea.

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