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Featured Coral: H. australis AKA Scolymia

Featured Coral

In recent years the taxonomy of stony corals has changed quite a bit. Around this time in 2015 we saw one of the largest reclassification of corals in my recent memory, including the ever popular Scolymia australis.

WARNING: Coral nerd alert

In a paper published from the Scleractinian Systematics Working Group in 2014, they highlight the various changes. The SSWG is a conglomerate of researchers and taxonomist who use a variety of scientific research to evaluate each species to produce this paper.  The paper, which can be found here, includes a list of changes with their latin names.

The story of a Scoly is very interesting. Each Scoly is unique to itself. You'll never see one identical to the other. They're not known to reproduce in captivity nor are they easily propagated.

Scolys come to us from all across the world, some species can be found in native US waters. The more common trade Scolymia comes to us from Australia. Most Scolymia are found with single centers to each corallite. Each center has a mouth opening in which the coral uses for feedings. On some occasions, multiple mouths can be found on a single corallite! In recent weeks we've been able to obtain some of these!

One of my favorite things to do with Scolys is feed them! These pictures should speak for themselves!

General care for Scolys is easy. They're a very hardy coral to keep in a home aquarium. I like to place mine on the sand bed with medium - high flow and medium light. Spot feedings aren't a necessity, but seeing the Scolymia eat is something to behold. Just be careful and don't go overboard. Long term success with Scolymia is easily achieved with routine maintenance on your aquarium. I've personally had some for well over 3 years.

We always have some great Scolys in stock, so be sure to check out our selection!

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